We know how tempting a truck full of shiny new tools can be.  That’s why we created the Virtual Tool Truck – so you can shop for the tools you need today, and save for the ones you’ll want tomorrow.  The virtual truck stocks professional tools of world class quality at a better price than anywhere in the country. 

SP Tools is entering the U.S. market in a big way as SP Tools USA.

Zerk.Work‘s Virtual Tool Truck has negotiated up to 20% off posted pricing for members from the Australian tool maker which makes SP Tools USA products 40 to 50% cheaper than Snap-on and, if you do a web search, you won’t find any complaints on the quality.  


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10% Discount

We’ve also partnered with wholesalers to bring you big savings on the big stuff;  diagnostics, lifts, tool boxes, A/C equipment, alignment and wheel/tire machines, etc. You won’t find a better price on these brands anywhere.

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