As an independent service provider your purchases are extremely powerful in shaping the competitive marketplace.

Independents collectively spend $billions each year on parts. By using that buying power to reward suppliers who are not competing against them, independents can quickly disrupt the market and stop national competitors dead in their tracks.

The Mobile Maintenance Association has developed a National Purchasing Program with suppliers who will not compete with you. Complete the form below to gain access to our online portal where you can order discounted parts, search inventory levels, cross reference manufacturer part numbers and more.

Payments can be made with a credit card, debit card or bank ACH transfer. If you are interested in establishing a credit account through the MMA, please use this Credit Application.

Why is this program important?

It’s alarming that many independent service providers are actually perpetuating their own demise by funding competitors on a daily basis. FleetPride, TruckPro and other leading parts suppliers in your industry own HUNDREDS OF SERVICE CENTERS and aren’t bashful about their plans for MANY more.

If you’re an independent, this is by far the most effective strategy you can implement to disrupt the rapid growth of your national competitors. Mobile maintenance providers and small independent shops generate the highest margins for these parts suppliers and a change in your spending habits will quickly force them to reevaluate their aggressive service side growth plans.

Sign up today and start buying direct!