The ELEVATE Learning Platform powered by TC Technician is designed to bring you ultra modern training programs using the latest Adaptive Learning and Knowledge Retention technologies.

This system will ask questions to gauge your current knowledge and then personalize your learning experience with bite-sized training sessions lasting less than 5 minutes.  You can train whenever you have time – while waiting for coffee or in between jobs.  

TC Technician costs $45 per month per user, but we are covering the costs for now because we want our members to master the platform before we launch our specialty premium courses. The current program includes decades of research into technician learning and will prove to be a powerful lifelong tool for you and your organization.  At the very least, its reporting capabilities will reveal more about your technicians’ knowledge and skill level than was ever possible before. 

Armed with this knowledge, you will know exactly what areas of training you or your team need the most. 

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