Blockchain Bosses

Imagine not having to ask for a raise, a promotion, or even a day off.  

Built-in survival instincts make it difficult for humans to trust one another.  Protecting ourselves from competition and potential predators is written in our DNA.  But to accomplish great things and overcome the big challenges, humans need to function collectively and share unique perspectives, knowledge, and skills. 

We’ve gotten pretty good at this, however to tap our full potential we need to build an equal playing field for all participants.  One that isn’t reliant on another person’s opinion, bias, or personal belief.  

Blockchain Technology can be interwoven into every aspect of work and business, replacing individual “bosses” with a predetermined consensus of expectation and reward.  Quite simply, if you accomplish a series of preset goals you will receive an agreed upon value or compensation.

Whether you work at Amazon, Google, or Joe’s Bagel Shop, the day may be approaching when we are all considered self-employed, following a plethora of complex, ever-evolving scenarios channeling us toward our greatest goals and desires.  

The MMA understands that nothing is more powerful then the passion and accountability of an individual fully in charge of their destiny.  That’s why we’ve made it our mission to stop the consolidation of mobile service by conglomerates trying to put independent service providers out of business.