Private Equity Firms Are Investing Millions To Dominate Mobile Maintenance

Mobile service is one of the fastest growing business segments today and it's under siege by conglomerates vying to squeeze individuals and small businesses out of the market. But just because they have more buying power doesn't mean they can do a better job. You have something they don't - an owner in the driver's seat.  Nothing is more powerful than pride-of-ownership and the full accountability that comes with it.

Let's Talk Buying Power

The Mobile Maintenance Association is using the collective buying power of its members - all independent mobile service providers - to negotiate the most competitive pricing in the country on parts, tools, equipment, supplies, services and software - and it’s only available here in the Mobile Marketplace.

Mobile service is truly an entrepreneurial field for specialists with a mechanical passion if given access to the same resources as larger competitors. As our association grows we will continue to aggressively pursue the latest products, services and technology to strengthen our members' competitive position in the marketplace.

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